Company Description

Hing Ngai Co., Ltd. in partnership with Aoki Metal Industry Co. Ltd. and Randolph-Rand Corporation in the USA ever since 1983 has been manufacturing patent magnetic buttons for various famous handbag brands, exporting products to clients from all over the world and producing the only patent magnetic buttons that are allowed to be imported to the USA. 

We have our own factory in Shenzhen - Shenzhen Xing Bao Yin Metal Manufacturing Company Limited. We adopt automatic or semi-automatic production lines with an in-house electroplating department, making the production of products in different colors possible. Our factory is capable of producing 50,000 to 60,000 sets of high-end magnetic buttons for famous international brands. For magnetic buttons, we have over a hundred types. We also produce magnet and other metal plastic accessories. 

Our company has a number of world-class handbag manufacturer clients. With the continuous support of these demanding clients, our production capacity has soared over the past 20 years and is growing to be the world number one manufacturer in producing the highest quality and widest range of magnetic button products for famous brands. 

Throughout the years, our company has continuously developed new products. Apart from those manufactured for garment use and water-resistant patent plastic-coated magnetic buttons for footwear use, we have developed the latest type of patent brasserie magnetic strap which is convenient and easy-to-use and is able to clasp to the right place automatically while it is easy to undress. This product is very appealing to both local and overseas manufacturers. Recently, our company has also introduced patent magnetic buttons for windbreakers and jeans, magnetic zippers and built-in sensor lights for handbags. Our innovations are well-recognized and have received more than 10 patents in China, Hong Kong, Europe, the USA and Southeast Asian countries. 

Our company endeavors to continuously develop more patent products and introduce them to the market, aiming to provide more innovative and better quality products for customers worldwide. Meanwhile, we will increase the supply of magnetic products in different sizes in order to meet the demands of customers from various industries.